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3 Steps To Personal Branding With LinkedIn


If someone asked you to define LinkedIn, what would you say? You would probably say it’s like Facebook, only professional. Well, you’re not the only one. LinkedIn has been known by many as “Facebook in a Suit” but those who actually understand LinkedIn and the power it possesses in shaping your personal brand, your business strategy, your network and your clients would never utter these four words.

LinkedIn’s logo is “Relationships Matter” and in the simplest of terms, it can be defined as a social networking platform that allows you to leverage your network and the relationship you share for your professional or your business’ development. LinkedIn is also considered the biggest contributor to creating a personal brand. A sound profile speaks volumes about the person’s professional ethics and career ambitions. To the person viewing the profile, it simply means that “He/She means business.” Let’s be clear that LinkedIn is NOT your online résumé, so please do not showcase a tailored side of you. LinkedIn acts as a résumé, cover letter, reference document, database of your contacts , and a place where you can learn, share knowledge and interact in a professional manner.  In the following three steps you will learn how you can build a powerful personal brand allowing you to show potential recruiters, collaborators and clients – that you are a versatile, multitalented individual and a thought leader in your niche, worthy of being invested in.

Step 1: Branding Your Profile

This is the point where you start Branding yourself. Your profile is a reflection of you or who you want to be. Don’t be modest. Be real. The person viewing your profile knows nothing about you and would be judging you. Might as well give them something to judge.

Step 2: Developing Your Network

Before I go any further, I would like to explain to you that there are two approaches to networking on LinkedIn. The first is called Strategic Networking, in which the focus is on the quality of connections not quantity. This is used by most LinkedIn users who prefer to have deeper relationships with their connections. The other, called Open Networking or LION, is used mostly by sales representatives and recruiters, is about quantity. LIONs would have over thousands of connections. I advocate for Strategic Networking as my belief is that if you cannot “pick up the phone and call somebody” and know that they would help you, then what’s the point of being connected with them? Hence, going forth – I would provide you tips on building your network, strategically.

Step 3: Become A Thought Leader

The third and final step of Personal Branding with LinkedIn is simply the most rewarding, and my personal favourite. LinkedIn provides you with the facility to become a Thought Leader in your niche.  This professional networking platform will help you gain attention, followers (not official connections), clients and maybe even a new job!

While the above three steps are fundamental to personal branding with LinkedIn, it’s necessary to understand that LinkedIn is only a part of Personal Branding. It must be consistent with the rest of your online presence as well. This means you should be using the same avatar, your full name and your personal branding statement on all your social media platforms, your blog/website and industry specific social networks. Also, decide how much time you would like to invest in LinkedIn as opposed to other platforms. Keep in mind that by building your personal brand on LinkedIn, you’ll be where people are searching for you and you’ll have access to those people who can help you build your brand now, and in the future.

A final piece of advice to those who plan to build their personal brand with LinkedIn – be consistent, be personal and be generous. You never know what great wonders consistently creating value for people can do for you!


Gurnoor Behl

Social Media Consultant

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