Project Parivartan- Enactus MNC

Women at Sanjay Gandhi Centre not only help themselves but Also Help Mars, Zara, Chui Mui and many others…

While the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated, the development of the nation would be judged by the way its women are treated. Animal cruelty and Discrimination against women are two most prime factors of worry in our country. Troubled and sensitive towards these issues, Enactus students of Motilal Nehru College of Delhi University became the pioneers of a remarkable social initiative project Parivartan, which lays its focus on not only the women they empower but also the stray dogs in their campus.

A group of underprivileged women who live at Sanjay Gandhi Centre,  Chankyapuri,  New Delhi are all unemployed and poor. Students have taken up the task to bring Parivartan (change) in their lives. They are trying to make them financially independent and eventually make them entrepreneurs , by teaching them the art of making dog collars , leashes and cookies. The dog collars and leashes are sold in the market by the name Be Desi. E commerce portals and NGOs aiming to eradicate animal cruelty are their preferred platforms for selling the products. These products would also be displayed at NGOs pet shops. The profits generated from their sale will primarily go to the women and a small proportion would be shared by the NGOs focusing on animal welfare, which are often in need of money as they are largely dependent on donations and charities. The ultimate aim of the students is to teach the women a particular skill set, that would  empower them to have a sustainable life in the future, and  to get the dogs the safety and acceptance they deserve as our fellow creatures.

The stray dogs in India live in the most inhospitable conditions. They are considered a menace and are often shooed and beaten for no reason. The dogs have to hunt for their food and water. Similar, was the fate of Mars, Zara , ChuMui  and 17 more dogs in the college campus.

The students took the ownership of the Sterilization and vaccination of these dogs. While Sterilization  only controls the growing population of stray dogs it does not change  the mind set of people who are quite hostile and unfriendly. To add to their woes there were regular incidents  of people pelting stones at them and driving them away. Very attached to the dogs in their campus, the students of Motilal have taken up the task of giving the Indian (Desi) breed the respect and honour which it rightfully deserves.From feeding the dogs to getting them sterilized and vaccinated, the students did it all. With support extended from PAWS and People For Animals they have been able to accomplish the task of providing these dogs a home (shelters within the campus are constructed) and a healthy nutrition. parivartan

The walk to this road has not been easy. The students have faced many obstacles. The students faced quite a lot of resistance from the college staff at feeding the dogs in the college. They had to convince them that taking care of dogs is making the environment rabies free and healthy. On the other hand , unavailability of clean of water, sanitation problems and lack of awareness on cleanliness and hygiene  are some of the harsh realities of the community at Sanjay Gandhi Centre . Awareness campaigns , regular meetups with these women are some strategies that students will apply to make their lives better.

“Perhaps a perfect attempt to kill two words with one stone” , Project Partivartan deserves support from all. To be a part of the intiative , write to







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